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Conrad Blogging 3.0

While this is the same blog URL (http://agramont.net) that I’ve been blogging from for a while, I’m taking a new direction in how and where I blogged.  In the past my blog has been more about professional topics and content.  While this was a great way to get out interesting information about the products and/or services I worked on, it didn’t give me a good place to share other types of information.  While I did use spaces like Facebook to share very personal content, that content could never really be shared with the awesomeness of the Internet world.  Plus, my previous blogging was done on a shared hosting service (http://ASPnix.com ) and I had to both deploy and maintain the blogging software (Community Server) which took too much of my time.  So now I’ve moved over to WordPress.

So where is all of that previous  content?  Well for now, it’s nowhere.  But I do have plans to get the most popular content and stick in this sites new archive space.

So here are my new rules for content:

  1. Post all Corporate/Business content on my companies blog site.  It’s really the right place to put this information.  Plus, if I move on , I don’t have to maintain that content or service. 
  2. Post all really personal information on Facebook.  Facebook for now, although I’m starting to fall out of love with them because of their weak and inflexible security model.  They clearly haven’t learned from other big players such as Microsoft and Google.  But I haven’t found a better replacement.
  3. Picture or Video for all posts.  Having a blog post with just text is getting pretty old.  It’s more fun when there is a picture or video to help tell the “Story” and give some visual stimulation.  Thanks to the Neistat Brothers for the inspiration (more on them later).
  4. No topic is off limits.  It’s my blog and I can blast if I want to (within reason).  I’ve been holding back for a long time many of my views on politics, products, and other stupidness.  I’d like this to be my truly personal space to document that.  Is it a risk?  Sure, but sometimes you gotta have your voice heard….right?
    Listen, Think, and Share.  I’ve found that  some of the best blogs listen to their readers and have an open and honest dialog.  I’d like to try that out, but first I’ll need readers.  Like you! (right?)

OK, enough of that…. Let’s have fun now!

Here’s a super short video of my lovely wife Pam “striking out”

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